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Stanislas blue grey

Haviland Stanislas blue grey dinnerware collection

Maison Haviland's Stanislas dinner set is a celebration of French architectural heritage and fine craftsmanship. Inspired by the iconic Place Stanislas in Nancy, France and its famous acanthus leaf-adorned gates, the collection features a harmonious blend of acanthus leaves and peonies. Each piece in the collection has been handcrafted by the skilled artisans at Haviland and is available in a full range of pieces in either gold or gray blue.

The Stanislas collection is not only visually stunning, but also a testament to the technical mastery of the Limoges Manufacturer. The intricate pattern on the white porcelain, created through the use of engraved lines, is a true achievement in itself. This pattern is perfectly complemented by the iconic Infini engraving, which adds a sense of timeless elegance to the collection.

With the Stanislas collection, Haviland continues to showcase its unique DNA as a creator of exceptional tableware. The collection's attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship make it a true standout on any dining table. Whether you are hosting a formal dinner party or simply enjoying a meal with loved ones, the Stanislas collection is sure to impress.


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