A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation in French Dinnerware

Nestled in the heart of Limoges, Bernardaud stands as one of the few remaining family-owned manufacturers of Limoges porcelain. This innovative trailblazer has earned a reputation for producing exceptional French china, showcasing an array of intricate patterns and elegant forms.


Bernardaud Aux Oiseaux dinnerware collection

Create a vivid scene of spring life on your dinner table with the Aux Oiseaux dinnerware collection by Bernardaud...

Bernardaud Ecume Gold dinnerware collection

The Ecume Gold dinnerware collection from Bernardaud mixes perfectly with the pure white items from the Ecume White...

Bernardaud Ecume White dinnerware collection

Enjoy the beautiful Ecume White dinnerware collection from Bernardaud, which has a very interesting texture on the...

Bernardaud In Bloom dinnerware collection

The In Bloom dinnerware collection by Bernardaud is a breathtaking fusion of artistic ingenuity and masterful...

Bernardaud Braquenié china collection

The Braquenié dinnerware collection from Bernardaud represents a unique balance between timeless French textile...

Bernardaud Louvre dinnerware collection

Find the beauty of Bernardaud's Louvre plates and cups, now brought back by the famous maker of French porcelain...

Bernardaud Constance dinnerware collection

The Constance dinnerware collection from Bernardaud brings the beauty of autumn to your table, with its intricate...

Bernardaud Silva dinnerware collection Limoges porcelain

The Silva dinnerware collection by Bernardaud mixes geometric and flower designs, with soft silver and platinum...

Bernardaud Ecume Mordoré dinnerware collection

The Ecume Mordoré dinnerware collection is an example of Bernardaud's commitment to excellence, combining exceptional...

Bernardaud Soleil Levant china

The Soleil Levant china from Bernardaud takes a new look at the big style of French...

Bernardaud Palmyre dinnerware collection

The Palmyre dinnerware collection by Bernardaud is perfect for people who love good food and want it to look stylish...

Bernardaud Vegetal Gold dinnerware collection

The Vegetal Gold dinnerware collection by Bernardaud stands out for its delicate patterns, careful attention to...

Bernardaud Twist Gold dinnerware collection

Twist Gold by Bernardaud introduces captivating golden highlights to your table, perfectly complementing the white...

Bernardaud Twist Platinum dinnerware collection

Twist Platinum by Bernardaud brings an exciting touch of platinum highlights to your table, perfectly complementing...

Bernardaud Ecume Perle dinnerware collection

The Bernardaud Ecume Perle china collection boasts a captivating surface structure with a tactile appeal that is...

Bernardaud Athena Gold china collection

The Athena Gold dinnerware collection from the esteemed...

Bernardaud Jardin Indien china collection

Bernardaud's Jardin Indien china set brings a new look to flower designs, putting an exotic garden right on your...

Bernardaud Praiana dinnerware collection

The Praiana dinnerware collection from Bernardaud gracefully bridges the past and the present, capturing the timeless...

Bernardaud Home Fragnarce collection

Adorned with an intricate geometric pattern etched into the delicate surface of fine bisque porcelain, the Home...

Bernardaud Eden Turquoise china collection

The Eden Turquoise dinnerware from Bernardaud would have undoubtedly captivated Marie Antoinette, with its splendid...

Bernardaud Brocante china collection

Embracing the resurging vintage trend, Bernardaud presents the Brocante dinnerware collection, a brilliant revival of...

Bernardaud Twist White dinnerware collection

The Twist White dinnerware set by Bernardaud mixes different ideas together, like the light play from Japanese rice...

Bernardaud Galerie Royale Night Blue dinnerware collection

Bernardaud's iconic Galerie Royale pattern, crafted by Olivier Gagnère in 1995, was initially designed for the...

Bernardaud Lithophanie Votive Lights

Bernardaud's Lithophane Votive Lights

Bernardaud Versailles Enchanté dinnerware collection

Bernardaud's Versailles Enchanté dinnerware collection is a grand tribute to the splendor of the Palace of Versailles...

Bernardaud Kintsugi dinnerware collection

Designed by Sarkis, a renowned French artist of Armenian heritage, the Kintsugi dinnerware collection for Bernardaud...

Bernardaud Sol dinnerware collection

The Sol dinnerware collection from Bernardaud epitomizes understated sophistication, featuring sleek, unpretentious...

Bernardaud Organza china collection

The Organza china collection by Bernardaud use simple patterns for decoration fits modern or minimalist interiors...

Bernardaud Ecume Platinum dinnerware collection

Ecume Platinum dinnerware collection by Bernardaud , a captivating blend of contemporary design and timeless elegance...

Bernardaud Tout Paris dinnerware collection

Bernardaud's Tout Paris dinnerware collection offers you an enchanting journey through the heart of the French...

Bernardaud Les Bouquets de Fleurs - Marc Chagall dinnerware collection

Bernardaud's Les Bouquets de Fleurs dinnerware collection brings the captivating illustrations of world-renowned...

Bernardaud Albertine dinnerware collection

The Albertine dinnerware collection by Bernardaud has very pretty and detailed pictures on it. It reminds people of...

Bernardaud Noël dinnerware collection

Noël by Bernardaud is an exquisite Christmas dinnerware collection that captures the essence of the festive season...


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Product types
Bernardaud, ALBERTINE, Dinner plate
Diameter: 26 cm
€ 64
Bernardaud, ALBERTINE, Salad plate
Diameter: 21 cm
€ 54
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Presentation plate
Diameter: 29.5 cm
€ 91
Bernardaud, ALBERTINE, Tea cup and saucer
Capacity: 130 ml
€ 116
Bernardaud, ALBERTINE, Creamer
Capacity: 100 ml
€ 168
Bernardaud, ALBERTINE, Tea pot 12 cups
Capacity: 1000 ml
€ 348
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Dinner plate
Diameter: 26 cm
€ 50
Bernardaud, Louvre, Presentation plate
Diameter: 29.5 cm
€ 42
Bernardaud, Kintsugi, Dinner plate
Diameter: 27 cm
€ 106
Bernardaud, ALBERTINE, Tea pot 6 cups
Capacity: 750 ml
€ 284
Bernardaud, ALBERTINE, Sugar bowl
Capacity: 270 ml
€ 264
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Salad plate
Diameter: 21 cm
€ 46
Bernardaud, ALBERTINE, Coupe soup
Diameter: 19 cm
€ 64
Bernardaud, ALBERTINE, Rim soup plate
Diameter: 23 cm
€ 74
Bernardaud, Louvre, Dinner plate
Diameter: 26 cm
€ 38


A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation in French Dinnerware

Nestled in the heart of Limoges, Bernardaud stands as one of the few remaining family-owned manufacturers of Limoges porcelain. This innovative trailblazer has earned a reputation for producing exceptional French china, showcasing an array of intricate patterns and elegant forms.

With a blend of time-honored craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, Bernardaud consistently pushes boundaries with each collection. Their diverse offerings range from minimalist avant-garde to captivating artist's editions, ensuring a perfect match for any occasion, interior, or personal taste.

Bernardaud invites renowned international artists and designers to collaborate within their workshop, realizing artistic visions and exploring uncharted territories. Explore exclusive sculptures and dinnerware collections by acclaimed creators such as Roy Lichtenstein, Olivier Gagnère, Hervé van der Straeten, and Marc Chagall.

Five Generations of Limoges Porcelain Excellence since 1863

Born from the elements of water, fire, and earth, porcelain has long been revered for its beauty and refinement. In 1768, the discovery of kaolin near Limoges transformed this quaint French town into a hub for porcelain craftsmanship.

A century later, in 1863, young apprentice Léonard Bernardaud ascended to ownership of a Limoges porcelain manufactory, bestowing his name and a legacy of expertise upon future generations. Since then, the Bernardaud family has excelled in producing exquisite Limoges porcelain tableware, decorative objects, and jewelry.

Their winning formula combines traditional Limoges porcelain artistry with groundbreaking technologies to meet the highest standards of quality. As a major employer and training provider in the Limoges region, Bernardaud nurtures local talent, supporting apprentices and artists in their workshops.

Recognized as a living heritage company of France and a proud member of the esteemed Comité Colbert, Bernardaud continues to carry the torch of their craft, ensuring a bright future for Limoges porcelain.

A Testament to French Craftsmanship

Limoges porcelain, renowned for its exquisite hard-paste composition, owes its global acclaim to the purity of its raw materials and stringent quality standards. The simple formula consists of 50% kaolin, 25% quartz sand, and 25% feldspar, fired at temperatures exceeding 1400°C (2552°F). The pristine porcelain clay from Limoges imparts a brilliant white to the final product, while high firing temperatures ensure its translucence and durability.

The secret to exceptional porcelain lies in the expertise of its artisans. Bernardaud both preserves and enhances Limoges porcelain traditions by blending time-honored techniques with innovative technologies. Their cups, plates, bowls, and objets d'art are crafted through intricate processes and meticulous handiwork.

As one of the few French china manufacturers with in-house printing capabilities, Bernardaud produces its own decorations on high-quality porcelain. These designs are first printed on transfer foils before being carefully applied to the porcelain by hand. During a third firing, the decorations merge with the glaze, allowing Bernardaud to achieve detailed and unparalleled designs in their workshops, resulting in a diverse catalogue.

The exquisite pieces from their Prestige collections, including limited editions, are often hand-painted. Master craftsmen use delicate brushes to apply gold or platinum to etched patterns, which are then fired and polished. This intricate process demands over 30 additional steps, showcasing the epitome of Bernardaud's dedication to excellence.

A Trusted Partner for Restaurants and Hospitality

Highly regarded by professionals in the gastronomy and hotel industries, Bernardaud is a leading provider of stunning dinnerware that meets the unique demands of these sectors. The company's specially designed culinary lines are fired at exceptionally high temperatures, ensuring their durability and resilience to frequent dishwasher use.

Offering a vast array of shapes, Bernardaud's Limoges porcelain caters to diverse needs, from menu plates and presentation plates to various bowls and tureens. Additional tableware items can be supplied upon request to complement our existing selection.

Understanding the expectations of upscale catering, Bernardaud maintains close relationships with top chefs and luxury hoteliers worldwide. This ongoing collaboration guarantees the company's unparalleled expertise and competence in the professional arena, solidifying its reputation as a trusted partner for exquisite dinnerware.

Illuminating Artistry and Elegant Offerings

Bernardaud embraces the enchanting tradition of lithophanes—delicate porcelain artwork that reveals its intricate images when backlit—with their Votivelight series. These masterfully engraved porcelain domes, resting on matching plates, exude a warm, inviting glow when illuminated by candlelight, making them a magical and beautiful gift idea.

For couples, consider Bernardaud's espresso cup sets, featuring two cups with saucers. The Anno espresso cups showcase an innovative ring around the cup in lieu of a traditional handle, remaining cool to the touch and providing easy grip from all angles—a practical and stylish choice for celebratory occasions. The Loop platinum coffee cups are adorned with gracefully tapering platinum rings, offering a sophisticated and elegant option for enjoying the perfect espresso.

Bernardaud China: A Symphony of Styles

Experience cool elegance with Bernardaud's Écume White dinnerware collection, featuring engraved surfaces reminiscent of delicate sea foam captured in time. A popular choice, Écume White is slightly thicker than other porcelain collections, making it less translucent but ideal for restaurant use. For a personalized touch, mix and match Écume White with pieces from Écume Platin, Écume Gold, and Écume Mordoré for truly unique occasions.

Embrace the beauty of imperfection with the Kintsugi dinnerware collection by Bernardaud, inspired by the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with gold lacquer. These minimalist pieces showcase printed gold cracks, creating the illusion of having been mended using this ancient technique. To create a stunning tabletop, pair the Kintsugi collection with the opulent Écume Gold.

Journey through French art history with the imaginative classic Louvre dinner service by Bernardaud. Each piece in this white china collection features historical relief motifs from various eras, creating a playful yet elegant design. The perfect choice for those who appreciate both classic and cheeky interior design elements.

Discover the enchanting blend of curiosity and Japonism in Bernardaud's Aux Oiseaux dinnerware collection. Captivating colorful birds and butterflies adorn golden branches reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints. The simple shapes of the delicate Limoges porcelain emphasize the beauty of these intricate designs, ensuring your guests will be captivated by this exquisite dinnerware.

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