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Rêves du Nil Platinum

Haviland Rêves du Nil Platinum dinnerware collection

The Rêves du Nil Platinum collection from Maison Haviland is a true masterpiece that transcends time and geography. From the sands of ancient Egypt to the modern shores of Palm Beach, this collection captures the essence of beauty and elegance.

At the heart of this collection lies a mesmerizing pattern of flowers, colors, and shapes that dance along each porcelain piece, bringing to life a story that unfolds with different rhythms. The platinum filet adds a contemporary touch to this Egyptian-inspired décor, highlighting each curve and allowing for a geometric reading of the exceptional design.

The rimless underplate of this collection presents a full decoration from the center to the edge of the piece, inviting the eye to discover the artwork like a fresco on the dome of a cathedral. The dinner plate comes in two sublime versions, one with a largely decorated rim and the other revealing a lace of flowers that delicately rests on the extra-white porcelain. The dessert plate is a ball of flower friezes, waltzing on porcelain and illuminated with tones of white, blue-green, and green.

The tea service is a showcase of motifs that dress the tea and coffee cups. The QR code under the plates adds a French and connected touch, enriching the link between the brand and the client and sharing exceptional know-how while presenting original ideas for setting tables.

The Haviland Manufacturer plays with the very essence of its DNA and patterns, using the codes of the past to imagine the future. With the craftsmen of the Manufacturer, the Haviland decorations are timeless and demonstrate the undeniable imprint in the book of creation of French tableware.

In essence, the Rêves du Nil Platinum collection is not just a decorative collection but a memory of a civilization that welcomes the beauty of the past into the present. Haviland is not just a name, a family, or an iconic signature of the city of Limoges; it is a legacy of French jewels that continues to shine with each new collection.


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