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Illusion Lavande

Haviland Illusion Lavande dinnerware collection

Acclaimed US interior designer Barbara Barry introduces the Illusion Lavande dinnerware collection for Haviland. This collection gracefully fuses modern design sensibilities with subtle feminine nuances, an exquisite homage to contemporary refinement and timeless elegance.

The moniker Illusion Lavande beautifully reflects the collection's characteristic color - a soft, powdery hue reminiscent of blooming syringa. This delicate shade is perfectly encapsulated within the superbly thin and fine Limoges porcelain, further enhancing the collection's tender aesthetic appeal. Each piece is tastefully framed by sleek platinum borders, adding a dash of luxury that perfectly complements the overall design.

The Illusion Lavande collection by Haviland, with its muted lavender undertones and sophisticated design, makes for an ideal choice for romantic occasions. The collection's ethereal quality and understated elegance are sure to transform every dining experience into a memorable celebration of love and togetherness. Experience the charm of fine dining with Illusion Lavande, where every piece tells a story of affection and intimacy.


Illusion Lavande

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