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Clair de Lune

Haviland Clair de Lune dinnerware collection

Embracing the mystery and allure of the moonlit night, the Clair de Lune dinnerware collection from Haviland is a testament to the art of fine dining. With its gentle, light-grey satined surface, the collection emanates a soft luminescence that mirrors the enchanting moonlight. Delicate platinum accents along the rims and lines impart an elegant framework to the collection, enhancing the sophistication of the Clair de Lune series.

Each piece in the collection is meticulously crafted from the highest quality Limoges porcelain. This renowned material lends an unparalleled refinement to the dinner service, demonstrating Haviland's commitment to exceptional quality.

The Clair de Lune china collection presents two exquisite options for discerning collectors. The first is a solid color selection that lets the porcelain's natural beauty take center stage. The second is a version that boasts an arch-shaped decor, a nod to the aesthetic principles of the Art Deco movement, adding an air of vintage glamour to the set.

These variations, while distinct, are harmoniously designed to present a unified and aesthetically pleasing composition at the dinner table. Regardless of the choice, the Clair de Lune dinnerware collection from Haviland guarantees to enrich your dining encounters with its enduring allure and refined elegance. Enjoy the magic of a moonlit dinner, every night, with this captivating collection from Haviland.


Clair de Lune

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