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Eclipse cutlery, silver plated

Robbe & Berking Eclipse cutlery silver plated

A summer Eclipse with its mesmerizing light display served as the muse for the exquisite cutlery design by Robbe & Berking. During an eclipse, the silvery moon obscures the sun, leaving only a radiant aureole of the sun's light visible. Mirroring this celestial phenomenon, the Eclipse cutlery from Robbe & Berking boasts a delicately crafted edge that reflects light like a sun's aureole, highlighting the cutlery in a truly unique manner.

Crafted with precision and quality, the silver plated cutlery by Robbe & Berking utilizes 150g of silver, resulting in a durable and robust silver plate. This resilient silver plate is highly resistant and entirely dishwasher safe, ensuring easy maintenance.


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