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Oriente Italiano

Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano dinnerware collection

The Oriente Italiano dinnerware collection from Ginori 1735 is a remarkable testament to the creative genius of Milanese designer and renowned architect, Gio Ponti. From 1923 and beyond, his extraordinary designs were instrumental in shaping the legacy of numerous successful collections under the umbrella of the revered Italian brand Ginori 1735.

The Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano china collection is a daring homage to Italy's artistic tradition, skillfully integrating two crucial elements - the sophisticated lines of the Antico Doccia Ginori collection and the gentle allure of the Garofano. This unique floral motif, deeply rooted in Faenza ceramics, draws inspiration from the mystique of an oriental garden. The energetic palette that illuminates the porcelain pieces in the Oriente Italiano collection, captivates with its vivacity. The intricate decoration process allows the fusion of various hues, engendering an effect reminiscent of air-brush techniques, where colors subtly intertwine and give an artistic depth to the pieces, transforming each into a miniature canvas of art.

Embodying the timeless tradition of Ginori's craftsmanship, the Oriente Italiano dinnerware collection  is handcrafted by experienced artisans at their Italian manufactory and undergoes a rigorous quality check. This ensures that every product that graces the world from the Ginori factory in Italy is a beacon of their unparalleled reputation.


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