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Versailles Enchanté

Bernardaud Versailles Enchanté dinnerware collection

Bernardaud's Versailles Enchanté dinnerware collection is a grand tribute to the splendor of the Palace of Versailles. This luxurious dinnerware set encapsulates the essence of the royal festivities known as "Fêtes de l'Ile Enchantée", a lavish six-day party thrown by King Louis XIV in honor of the queen and her mother. The illustrious event, marked by its exclusivity, saw an invitation extended to only 600 select guests, who often resided in their carriages due to the castle's original size limitations.

Reflecting the grandeur of the Versailles gardens as viewed from the castle, and the vibrant performances of the legendary festivities, the Versailles Enchanté china collection is a celebration of history and artistry. Each plate within the collection is adorned with a unique motif, adding a touch of intrigue to your dining experience. The diversity in designs and sizes encourages a delightful mix-and-match approach, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your dinner table.

Crafted with the finest Limoges porcelain, the Versailles Enchanté dinnerware is a testament to Bernardaud's unwavering dedication to excellence. Produced in the traditional Bernardaud porcelain factory, the collection echoes the company's rich history as a leading manufacturer of Limoges porcelain. Since its establishment in 1863, the French family business has consistently demonstrated its passion for fine craftsmanship. The Versailles Enchanté collection embodies this ethos, bringing a piece of the grand Palace of Versailles to your dining room.


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