Treasure Platinum

Sieger by Fürstenberg Treasure Platinum dinnerware collection

The Treasure dinnerware collection represents another masterstroke from Sieger Design and the Fürstenberg porcelain manufactory. Derived from the design of the My China series, Treasure reinterprets the concept, presenting it in a fresh, innovative light.

One of the key attributes of this collection is the application of nearly ninety-nine percent pure platinum, which imbues the pristine white porcelain with an undeniable touch of luxury. The luminous platinum dramatically brings out the porcelain's inherent purity in an unprecedented manner.

Every individual piece in the Treasure Platinum dinnerware carries its own distinctive aesthetic appeal. Be it the mirror-like sheen on the flat surface or the ring adorning the rim, the design details accentuate the unique form and character of each item. To fully manifest its elegant charm, some pieces in the collection have been richly ornamented with platinum - a prime example being a teapot fully plated in platinum.

An intriguing detail lies in the careful application of platinum across various borders of the pieces. Whether it's the bottom or the inner edges, every boundary has been consistently adorned with the precious metal. This meticulous attention to detail echoes the quintessential essence of luxury that Treasure embodies.


Treasure Platinum

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