Emperor's Garden

Sieger by Fürstenberg Emperor's Garden dinnerware collection

Emperor's Garden, a remarkable dinnerware collection, is the successful outcome of an artistic partnership between Sieger Design and renowned porcelain manufacturer Fürstenberg. Inspired by the majestic art of Chinese porcelain, this collection is an explosion of hand-gilded motifs and vibrant colors, maintaining a unique flair amidst its homage to a traditional art form.

Each piece in the Emperor's Garden collection, from dishes, plates, and cups, to a variety of accessories, possesses its distinctive character. A thoughtful design process ensures every item has harmonious sizes, shapes, and measurements, allowing for a myriad of uses and combinations. The base of cylindrical bowls, for instance, fits perfectly into the center of the rim plates. The cloches display an ingenious versatility - they can not only be combined with the rim plates and both cylindrical and round bowls, but also double as bowls when turned upright.

The collection offers seven different cup designs that can be mixed and matched with any of the three saucers, providing a sense of unrestrained choice. The Emperor's Garden thus empowers a host to conjure an array of innovative table arrangements, making every dinner party a unique experience, steeped in luxury, beauty, and functionality.


Emperor's Garden

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