Abysses dinnerware collection by Raynaud, Limoges porcelain

Abysses dinnerware collection by Raynaud brings the beauty of the ocean to your table.  Deep blue patterns created by dynamic brushstrokes, this collection turns white Limoges porcelain into stunning underwater scenes.

French artist Aurore de la Morinerie, inspired by Chinese calligraphy, created the Abysses collection with special textures and color gradients that depict underwater worlds.

The collection includes four base shapes Uni, Macao, Menton Orient, and Lunes and two types of dinner plates round Macao and flat Uni shapes, suitable for various dining occasions.

Raynaud's Limoges porcelain is known for its elegance and detailed, hand-made decorations. See the beauty of the ocean with Abysses dinnerware collection.



Product types
Raynaud, Abysses, Presentation plate
Diameter: 31 cm
€ 130
Raynaud, Abysses, Dinner plate, Macao
Diameter: 27 cm
€ 92
Raynaud, Abysses, Dinner plate, Uni
Diameter: 27 cm
€ 90
Raynaud, Abysses, Dessert plate no. 1
Diameter: 21 cm
€ 75
Raynaud, Abysses, Dessert plate no. 2
Diameter: 21 cm
€ 75
Raynaud, Abysses, Bread & butter plate
Diameter: 16 cm
€ 60
Raynaud, Abysses, Deep plate, large
Diameter: 27 cm
€ 145
Raynaud, Abysses, Deep plate, small
Diameter: 22 cm
€ 100
Raynaud, Abysses, Tea cup
Capacity: 200 ml
€ 100
Raynaud, Abysses, Tea saucer extra
Diameter: 17.5 cm
€ 50
Raynaud, Abysses, Coffee cup
Capacity: 130 ml
€ 75
Raynaud, Abysses, Coffee saucer
Diameter: 11 cm
€ 35
Raynaud, Abysses, Large platter
Diameter: 46 cm
€ 910
Raynaud, Abysses, Salad bowl
Diameter: 17 cm
€ 125
Raynaud, Abysses, Salad bowl
Diameter: 17 cm
€ 195
Raynaud, Abysses, Mini plate
Diameter: 11 cm
€ 35
Raynaud, Abysses, Bowl
Diameter: 14 cm
€ 105
Raynaud, Abysses, Bowl
Diameter: 8.5 cm
€ 57

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