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Val De Loire

Haviland Val de Loire dinnerware collection

Embodying an eternal elegance, the Val de Loire china collection from Haviland, launched in 1998, harmoniously blends the opulence of the past with the aesthetics of the present. Delicately adorned with intricate blueberry flowers, vibrant, and plant-inspired friezes, this collection weaves a unique pattern that pays homage to the unparalleled beauty of French natural resources.

Each piece in the collection carries subtle golden undertones, infusing a touch of luxury to this dinnerware. Ranging from an extensive array of tableware to a selection of refined interior decoration pieces, the Val de Loire collection is versatile enough to complement any setting.

As time unfolded, the Val de Loire dinnerware collection has woven itself into the rich tapestry of Haviland Manufacturer’s history. Infused with a sophisticated design and crafted from the finest Limoges porcelain, this china collection stands as an enduring testimony to Haviland's dedication to timeless artistry and supreme refinement.


Val De Loire

Product types
Haviland, Val De Loire, Dinner plate
Diameter: 26 cm
€ 108
Haviland, Val De Loire, Dessert plate
Diameter: 22 cm
€ 101
Haviland, Val De Loire, Salad plate
Diameter: 19 cm
€ 86
Haviland, Val De Loire, Rim soup plate
Diameter: 23.5 cm
€ 97
Haviland, Val De Loire, Teapot
Capacity: 1000 ml
€ 459
Haviland, Val De Loire, Sugar bowl
Capacity: 250 ml
€ 287
Haviland, Val De Loire, Creamer
Capacity: 150 ml
€ 233
Haviland, Val De Loire, Mug
Capacity: 270 ml
€ 151
Haviland, Val De Loire, Mug with lid
Capacity: 270 ml
€ 245
Haviland, Val De Loire, Tart platter
Diameter: 31.5 cm
€ 341
Haviland, Val De Loire, Flat dish
Diameter: 31.5 cm
€ 277
Haviland, Val De Loire, Round deep platter
Diameter: 31.5 cm
€ 277

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