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Le Brésil

Haviland Le Brésil dinnerware collection Limoges porcelain

Colorful birds, flamingos, and lovely plants decorate the Le Brésil dinnerware by Haviland. It makes you dream about faraway places and trips to interesting lands. This china collection shows a wonderful view of animals and plants from far places, surrounded by thin golden edges.

The Le Brésil dinnerware collection is made from Limoges porcelain and was created in 2013 because of the work together between Haviland, the porcelain maker, and another company from France called Zuber. Zuber makes very nice wallpapers, cloths, and wall paintings with great designs. The work together and knowledge from these two successful French companies made this beautiful porcelain set.


Le Brésil

Product types
Haviland, Le Brésil, Presentation plate
Diameter: 32 cm
€ 229
Haviland, Le Brésil, Dinner plate
Diameter: 27.8 cm
€ 143
Haviland, Le Brésil, Dessert plate
Diameter: 22.5 cm
€ 112
Haviland, Le Brésil, Tea cup and saucer
Capacity: 140 ml
€ 230
Haviland, Le Brésil, Mug
Capacity: 270 ml
€ 217
Haviland, Le Brésil, Sugar bowl
Capacity: 250 ml
€ 264
Haviland, Le Brésil, Creamer
Capacity: 150 ml
€ 231
Haviland, Le Brésil, Tea pot
Capacity: 1000 ml
€ 557
Haviland, Le Brésil, Deep platter
Diameter: 31.5 cm
€ 229
Haviland, Le Brésil, Rim soup plate
Diameter: 28.5 cm
€ 150
Haviland, Le Brésil, Vegetable dish
Diameter: 23.6 cm
€ 154
Haviland, Le Brésil, Oval dish
Diameter: 30.3 cm
€ 403
Haviland, Le Brésil, Salad bowl small
Diameter: 16 cm
€ 125
Haviland, Le Brésil, Salad bowl large
Diameter: 23.5 cm
€ 413
Haviland, Le Brésil, Rice bowl
Diameter: 12 cm
€ 129

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