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Infini gold

Haviland Infini gold dinnerware collection

​​The Infini Gold dinnerware collection by Haviland is the perfect choice for those who are true connoisseurs of the finest in Limoges porcelain craftsmanship. A striking, radial relief pattern that ensures each plate in the collection is unique, as if it were a work of art. The precious gold refinement on the rim of the plates brings that extra elegance and opulence, making it ideal whether you are celebrating a formal occasion or simply want to add a touch of luxury to your everyday dining pleasures.

The Infini Gold collection also features gorgeous tea light holders and vases which are a precise marriage to the dinner service. Each item is exclusive in form and produced by hand, transforming them into lovely and valuable objects on any table.


Infini gold

Product types
Haviland, Infini gold, Large dinner plate
Diameter: 29.5 cm
€ 273
Haviland, Infini gold, Dessert plate
Diameter: 24.4 cm
€ 236
Haviland, Infini gold, Rim soup plate
Diameter: 24 cm
€ 245
Haviland, Infini gold, Cereal bowl
Capacity: 230 ml
€ 133
Haviland, Infini gold, Teapot
Capacity: 500 ml
€ 401
Haviland, Infini gold, Sugar box
Capacity: 250 ml
€ 327
Haviland, Infini gold, Creamer
Capacity: 150 ml
€ 282
Haviland, Infini gold, Teacup and saucer
Capacity: 140 ml
€ 185
Haviland, Infini gold, Soy bowl
Capacity: 30 ml
€ 97
Haviland, Infini gold, Soup bowl
Capacity: 225 ml
€ 129
Haviland, Infini gold, Rice bowl
Diameter: 12 cm
€ 129

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