Ginori 1735 Labirinto dinnerware collection

Stepping into the world of the Labirinto china collection from Ginori 1735 is akin to traversing a masterfully crafted labyrinth. This dinnerware line, true to its name, draws from the maze's intricate weave of pathways. Each twist and turn on the porcelain mirrors the complex, yet symmetrical, design of traditional labyrinths. The essence of this collection traces back to a neoclassical blueprint, sketched by none other than Gio Ponti, the longstanding chief designer at Ginori.

Enhanced with a lustrous gold finish, the Labirinto dinnerware collection showcases a palette of refined shades. It ranges from the timeless allure of classic black to the fervent vibrancy of ruby red, the stately elegance of cobalt blue, and the dreamy allure of amethyst. And for those who fancy an extra touch of bespoke elegance, an exquisite emerald green variant is available upon special request.

Ginori 1735 has always been revered for its diverse and, at times, avant-garde designs across its range. Today, each piece continues to be handcrafted in Italy by artisans who have honed their skills to perfection, making every item a true masterpiece.



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