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Aux Oiseaux

Bernardaud Aux Oiseaux dinnerware collection

Create a vivid scene of spring life on your dinner table with the Aux Oiseaux dinnerware collection by Bernardaud. Graceful and beautifully perched birds on gilded branches or playful and vibrant butterflies shooting between sunny-hued apples and blue blooms radiate this exquisite Limoges porcelain — a fresh patina of both charm and sophistication.

In the Aux Oiseaux collection, Bernardaud, the esteemed manufacturer of Limoges porcelain, takes inspiration from traditional Japanese bird motifs and an imaginative design from the legacy of the curiosity cabinet, the wondrous “rooms of marvels” the predecessors to collectible museums that showcased an array of objects, often from the furthest reaches of the world and that emerged in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It was a favorite theme among others found in these captivating spaces, as birds were — especially of the exotic variety. Witness the beauty of Bernardaud's Aux Oiseaux china, and in every mealtime gathering, allow your table to become a canvas on which nature's spring symphony plays elegantly and unfolds beautifully.


Aux Oiseaux

Product types
Bernardaud, Aux Oiseaux, Dinner plate
Diameter: 27 cm
€ 124
Bernardaud, Aux Oiseaux, Dinner plate
Diameter: 26 cm
€ 114
Bernardaud, Aux Oiseaux, Salad plate
Diameter: 21 cm
€ 112
Bernardaud, Aux Oiseaux, Large coupe
Diameter: 36 cm
€ 636
Bernardaud, Aux Oiseaux, Coupe soup
Diameter: 19 cm
€ 114
Bernardaud, Aux Oiseaux, Rice bowl
Diameter: 12 cm
€ 88
Bernardaud, Aux Oiseaux, Soup bowl
Capacity: 140 ml
€ 76
Bernardaud, Aux Oiseaux, Teapot
Capacity: 750 ml
€ 562
Bernardaud, Aux Oiseaux, Creamer
Capacity: 300 ml
€ 262
Bernardaud, Aux Oiseaux, Sugar bowl
Capacity: 300 ml
€ 416
Bernardaud, Aux Oiseaux, Mug
Capacity: 300 ml
€ 162
Bernardaud, Aux Oiseaux, Deep round dish
Diameter: 29 cm
€ 346

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