Objects to a Muse

Sieger by Fürstenberg Objects to a Muse collection

Unleashing the beauty of artistic innovation, Sieger by Fürstenberg presents the Objects to a Muse collection. This unique line up captivates through the representation of serene faces, offering a sense of mystery, beauty, and inspiration.

In this assortment, you'll find the Hot mug, a porcelain masterpiece that bears the face of a beautiful woman with large eyes and softly pursed lips, promising to enhance your daily tea rituals. The distinctive design, with its face appearing on both sides of the mug, makes it an eye-catching addition among your usual crockery.

The Faces Wine cooler, another avant-garde creation in the collection, introduces a unique twist to the traditional cooler design. It features three stylized faces, smoothly blending into each other, offering an intriguing alternative to the ordinary. This piece can also be repurposed as a vase, transforming into semi-live sculptures with floral hairstyles.

The Scent of a Muse vaporizer, an artful device to diffuse room fragrance, continues the collection's theme. Embodying the alluring profile of a muse, it not only spreads enticing aromas but also serves as an artistic statement in your space.

The Objects to a Muse collection by Sieger by Fürstenberg is a harmonious blend of function and art, with pieces that promise to enchant, inspire, and add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your home. Each creation captures the essence of a muse, serving as a source of artistic inspiration while fulfilling its practical purpose with finesse.


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