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Conchiglia cutlery, silver plated

Schiavon Conchiglia cutlery collection

Embrace the elegance of the sea with the Conchiglia cutlery set from Schiavon, a harmonious blend of premium silver and Italy's rich maritime traditions. Available in both 925 and 800 silver as well as a refined silver plated alpaca, the choices cater to varied tastes.

The silver plated alpaca cutlery pieces from the Conchiglia collection are treated with a robust 30-micron silver plating, a testament to Schiavon's unwavering commitment to quality. The exquisite balance in weight of each piece guarantees effortless handling, enhancing every dining experience. 

The Conchiglia set from Schiavon isn't just cutlery, it's an unmatched style that captures the timeless allure of the ocean waves. For the discerning maritime enthusiasts, this collection, crafted and painstakingly hand-finished in the heart of Italy, promises a narrative of the sea, crafted exquisitely in silver.


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