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Salamanque Gold

Salamanque Gold dinnerware collection by Raynaud

The Salamanque dinnerware collection by Raynaud whisks you away to a journey through the ages, paying homage to the Renaissance-era Spain. This exquisite collection, molded from the finest Limoges porcelain, boasts designs deeply influenced by ornamental motifs that flourished under the master cutlers of Toledo in the 16th century.

The plates, bowls, jugs, and pots come alive with the meticulously drawn spiral designs of leaves, tendrils, and flowers. These patterns seamlessly weave and intertwine, forming an enchanting labyrinth on the canvas of the porcelain. Touches of gold, intricate and refined, wander against the backdrop of pristine white Limoges porcelain, creating a mesmerizing contrast that instantly captivates the eye.

Raynaud's Salamanque collection is not confined to a single color scheme. While the quintessential gold-on-white design is a timeless classic, you have the option to personalize your collection according to your tastes. The ornate decorations can be rendered in either gold or platinum. And to make the collection truly yours, we offer a variety of background colors to choose from: elegant green, vibrant red, classic ivory, soothing turquoise, or sophisticated black.

Let your dining set be as unique as you are. Simply place your special request through a call or an e-mail, and we will be delighted to cater to your individual preferences for Raynaud’s Salamanque china collection.


Salamanque Gold

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