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Cristobal Émeraude

Raynaud Cristobal Émeraude china collection

The Cristobal Émeraude dinnerware collection by the esteemed designer and interior decorator, Alberto Pinto for Raynaud, ingeniously unites a plain white background with the dazzling color and unconventional shape of coral, accentuating the overall effect with a refined gold finish. The originality of the design resides in the discreet decoration of the individual pieces, with each item possessing its own history and aesthetic personality.

The mesmerizing emerald green color complements the initial coral red collection (Cristobal Coral) and the ultramarine blue variant (Cristobal Marine), immersing us in the enigmatic depths and abysses of the sea. The emerald green hue ranges from dense and profound on the coral handles of the cups or teapot knobs, to gentle, contrasting, nuanced, and watercolored on the plates adorned with harmonious coral motifs. Whether displayed in subtle touches or arranged opulently, Cristobal's china assembles, constructs, and invents infinitely with the elegance and generosity that epitomize the gifted decorator.

Raynaud is a premier manufacturer of Limoges porcelain, partnering with renowned designers and artists to produce unique pieces for this esteemed line, each infused with its own unmistakable style.

To maintain the pristine condition of the pieces lavishly decorated with gold, it is essential to handle them with care to prevent scratches from appearing on the surface.


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