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Cristobal Coral

Raynaud Cristobal Coral china collection

The Cristobal dinnerware collection, meticulously crafted by Raynaud and born from the visionary prowess of decorator Alberto Pinto, stands as a unique embodiment of creativity and elegance. Each distinctive piece from this collection resonates with an individual style and personality, making it an extraordinary addition to any home décor.

The collection's standout feature is the striking coral red color, an homage to one of Pinto's numerous inspirations. This vibrant hue is brilliantly showcased in bold, deep tones, gracing the handles of cups and teapots, while appearing in more subtle, nuanced shades on the intricately patterned coral plates. Regardless of its application, this captivating color infuses the collection with a sense of dynamism and vitality that is hard to ignore.

The Cristobal china collection is more than just dinnerware; it is a celebration of art and aesthetics. Its elegant design and generous decor make it the perfect choice for any occasion, whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a grand soirée. Each piece from the collection serves as a testament to Pinto's exceptional talent for design, exuding a level of sophistication and finesse that transforms every meal into an experience to be savored.

The Cristobal dinnerware collection truly shines as a work of art, combining Pinto's innovative design philosophy with Raynaud's unrivaled craftsmanship. Each piece, adorned with the signature coral red, exudes an air of elegance and luxury, making every dining experience a lavish affair.

Embrace the allure of the Cristobal collection and let its stunning designs elevate your dining experience. Each piece, steeped in the rich heritage of Raynaud and the creative genius of Alberto Pinto, promises to add a dash of panache to your home, making every meal a celebration of taste and style.


Cristobal Coral

Product types
Raynaud, Cristobal Coral, Dinner plate
Diameter: 27 cm
€ 117
Raynaud, Cristobal Coral, Dinner plate
Diameter: 27 cm
€ 99
Raynaud, Cristobal Coral, Dinner plate
Diameter: 27 cm
€ 82
Raynaud, Cristobal Coral, Pasta plate
Diameter: 24.5 cm
€ 133
Raynaud, Cristobal Coral, Dessert plate
Diameter: 22 cm
€ 106
Raynaud, Cristobal Coral, Cake plate
Diameter: 19.5 cm
€ 69
Raynaud, Cristobal Coral, Cake plate
Diameter: 19.5 cm
€ 84
Raynaud, Cristobal Coral, Tea cup extra
Capacity: 250 ml
€ 96
Raynaud, Cristobal Coral, Coffee cup
Capacity: 130 ml
€ 84
Raynaud, Cristobal Coral, Mug
Capacity: 275 ml
€ 141
Raynaud, Cristobal Coral, Breakfast cup
Capacity: 320 ml
€ 106

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