L’Objet Games collection

Dating back to the era when the ancient Egyptian game of Senet was first played around 3100 BC, our fascination with the whimsical, unpredictable hand of fate has only intensified. Drawing inspiration from this timeless allure of gaming and magic, L’Objet has given a contemporary spin to classic designs. These creations are made using luxurious materials, providing a delightful blend of the old and the new, tradition and innovation. Whether it's for an afternoon of leisure or a touch of whimsical decor, L'Objet's elegantly crafted gaming pieces capture the mystical charm of ancient games while offering a sophisticated modern aesthetic.



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L'Objet, Games, Chess set
Size: 6x41x6 cm
€ 2 150
L'Objet, Games, Haas chess set
Size: 8x48x8 cm
€ 4 025
L'Objet, Games, Backgammon set
Size: 8x43x8 cm
€ 1 670
L'Objet, Games, Deco tic-tac-toe
Size: 7x21x7 cm
€ 835
L'Objet, Games, Deco dominoes set
Size: 4x7x4 cm
€ 575
L'Objet, Games, Haas tic-tac-toe
Size: 5x25x5 cm
€ 1 150
L'Objet, Games, Haas poker set
Diameter: 36 cm
€ 1 150
L'Objet, Games, Haas jumbo playing cards
Size: 3x10x3 cm
€ 100
L'Objet, Games, Just-a-minute 1 minute timer
Size: 14x13x14 cm
€ 450

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