GioBagnara is a luxury Italian brand that specializes in high-end leather products for modern interior design. Established in 1999, the brand has become synonymous with the exceptional quality of Italian leather and masterful craftsmanship. Each piece is created by hand in the historic port city of Genoa, using only the finest materials from Italy's top tanneries.


Giobagnara Firenze trays

Giobagnara, known as "the encyclopedia of luxury leather goods", is a brand that specializes in exquisite leather and...

Giobagnara Polo Desk Set

Introducing the Polo collection of desk accessories, featuring the iconic Polo shape with rounded corners. Each piece...

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Giobagnara Firenze bathroom accessories

The Firenze bathroom accessories from Giobagnara, the renowned Italian leather manufacturer, are the perfect choice...

Giobagnara Firenze boxes

Giobagnara, an esteemed Italian manufacturer, is renowned for crafting exclusive leather home accessories and petite...

Giobagnara Polo Marble Bathroom Set

The Polo marble bathroom collection by Giobagnara is a stunning display of minimalism and geometric shapes, designed...

Giobagnara Victor trays

The Victor trays by Giobagnara are not only functional but also exude a luxurious feel that can add a touch of...


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GioBagnara is a luxury Italian brand that specializes in high-end leather products for modern interior design. Established in 1999, the brand has become synonymous with the exceptional quality of Italian leather and masterful craftsmanship. Each piece is created by hand in the historic port city of Genoa, using only the finest materials from Italy's top tanneries.

GioBagnara's product range is diverse and includes leather-covered office accessories, table accessories, board games, small furniture, and more. The brand's collection boasts a wide selection of leather types, prints, and colors, ensuring that every customer can find the perfect item to complement their interior design scheme.

The brand prides itself on its in-house production, with each item made under one roof, from the initial design stage to the final touches. This attention to detail and quality control ensures that GioBagnara products meet the highest standards, making them a popular choice for discerning interior designers and homeowners alike.

GioBagnara's design philosophy is centered around creating understated luxury items that are both functional and stylish. Each piece has a clear design language, a first-class feel, and perfect functionality, making them an essential addition to any living or working space. With GioBagnara, customers can experience the Italian lifestyle in their own homes through the beauty and durability of the brand's exceptional leather products.

Giorgio Bagnara's passion for Italian leather craftsmanship has been the driving force behind GioBagnara's success. His love for the extraordinary led him to create a brand that combines the traditional Italian leatherworking techniques with contemporary design, resulting in luxurious and functional home accessories that are coveted by interior designers and homeowners around the world.

Giorgio's dedication to the craft of leatherworking began early on, as he spent his childhood surrounded by the most exquisite Italian lifestyle items. He honed his skills by watching Genoese artisans make and repair suitcases and purses, which gave him a deep appreciation for the artistry and precision involved in leatherworking.

In the late 1990s, Giorgio had the vision of applying his knowledge and skills to the production of leather home accessories. He founded GioBagnara in 1999, and since then, the brand has become synonymous with exceptional quality and design.

Giorgio and his wife Vanessa work closely together at the GioBagnara design studio, which is housed in a warehouse in the old port of Genoa. The studio is a hub of creativity, where they explore the boundaries of their craft and create objects of unique beauty. Giorgio coordinates his artisans, and Vanessa adds her cultivated elegance and feminine intuition to the designs, resulting in a product range that is both timeless and modern.

Each GioBagnara product is crafted with the utmost care, using the finest materials and modern technologies to ensure precision and the highest quality. The artisans add a human touch to the leather objects, infusing them with warmth and familiarity that makes each piece truly unique. It is this passion for Italian leather craftsmanship that sets GioBagnara apart, making it a must-have brand for those who appreciate beauty, quality, and attention to detail.

GioBagnara's range of leather types goes beyond calfskin, however. The brand also uses bull leather, a material that is very robust and thick. Bull leather is ideal for the production of larger pieces such as magazine racks, containers and small pieces of furniture. In contrast to calfskin, bull leather is often minimally treated, preserving the natural surface of the leather.

Another leather type that GioBagnara uses is suede, a softer and more delicate leather with a velvety texture. GioBagnara offers a wide range of colours for suede leather products, which are often used for boxes, frames and small furniture.

In addition to its standard leather types, GioBagnara offers customised options to meet the individual needs of its customers. The brand can also print logos or initials on products, adding a personal touch to its creations.

With its dedication to quality, craftsmanship and personalisation, GioBagnara continues to be a leading brand in the luxury home accessories market.

GioBagnara's office accessories, trays, coin trays, and parlour games are all stunning examples of how leather can be incorporated into everyday items to elevate their design and functionality. The Phil office accessories feature soft lines and a smoke finish, making them perfect for any modern desk. On the other hand, the Malaparte office accessories blend suede and aluminum with a bronze finish, creating sculptural and bold everyday objects.

A wide range of trays is available to suit different needs, from the round Miramar trays to the Polo stackable trays, square to the rectangular Victor trays, and Defile rectangular trays in off-white. The scratch-resistant leather is resilient and easy to clean, making these trays ideal for daily use.

Coin trays, also known as vide-poches, are both functional and decorative. The Champagne vide-poches feature golden spheres, while the Malaparte vide-poches are modern designer pieces that are perfect for keeping your valuables safe and organized.

GioBagnara's parlour games are not only beautiful but also made of organic materials and designed to last for a long time. The Flow poker game boxes are practical and handy, while the Noce backgammon games are a classic. For those who appreciate a challenging game, the impressive Mahjong game set in smoke is sure to delight. Whether you're a fan of card games, board games, or puzzles, GioBagnara has something for everyone.

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