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Pont aux Choux White

Gien Pont aux Choux White dinnerware collection

Gien's iconic Pont aux Choux White dinnerware collection was born from a vision that took shape many years ago. Over time, it has solidified its status as one of the timeless classics in the portfolio of this French company. Today, Pont aux Choux collection, renowned for its understated elegance and quintessentially French charm, embarks on a vibrant journey through a revitalizing splash of color.

Once synonymous with nostalgic elegance in its classic cream hue, the Pont aux Choux faience dinnerware has now expanded its horizons to a pristine white. The rice corn design, presented in a delicate white hue, is accented with gracefully curved rims and distinctive artichoke-shaped handles, offering a refined and understated aesthetic. This nuanced white does not merely stand alone but intertwines effortlessly with other hues, offering an optimal canvas for creating harmonious tablescapes when melded with other Gien's dinnerware collections.

The longevity and esteemed reputation of the Pont aux Choux collection is deeply rooted in the exemplary craftsmanship of Gien, a faience manufacturer that has been curating excellence since its establishment in 1821. The manufacturing maestro, situated in the heart of France, is notable for interweaving superior production techniques with art, thereby ensuring that every piece is not only a utility item but a masterpiece of timeless design. The Pont aux Choux White collection is a testament to this enduring legacy where the past and present coalesce.


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