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Pont aux Choux Gobelets

Gien Pont aux Choux Gobelets collection

The Pont aux Choux Gobelets collection from Gien seamlessly blends tradition with elegance. Showcasing Gien's signature rice corn pattern, these delightful cups add a sophisticated touch to your tea or coffee moments.

Inspired by Gien's historic Pont aux Choux dinnerware series, the Gobelets collection carries forward a legacy that has adorned dining spaces for ages, marking its stature as a masterpiece of French faience. The meticulous detailing in the Pont aux Choux Gobelets collection is a testament to its artistry. The porcelain undergoes high-temperature firing, creating a perfect blend of resilience and refinement, designed for daily usage yet retaining its pristine allure and finesse shapes.

The celebrated faience collection now unfolds in a palette of modern hues. The name Pont aux Choux takes its roots from a Parisian bridge, once home to a porcelain workshop, celebrated for its detailed rice corn motif. With its inception in 1821, Gien boasts a storied lineage in crafting premium ceramics and porcelain. This rich tradition continues to thrive under the aegis of the Fayencerie de Gien, which took over the workshop years ago, preserving the timeless beauty and skill in every Pont aux Choux goblet.


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