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Oiseau Bleu Fruits

Gien Oiseau Bleu Fruits dinnerware collection

The Oiseau Bleu Fruits dinnerware collection from Gien is a captivating blend of French country elegance and the whimsical allure of nature. Each piece boasts delicate azure birds perched upon meticulously designed branches, juxtaposed against the pristine ivory hue of the faience.

The essence of Gien’s Oiseau Bleu Fruits collection lies in its diverse charm. Beyond the classic blue and white, it pays homage to vibrant French orchards with exquisite fruit and flower motifs. This variety encourages to curate a personalized dining ensemble by interweaving traditional designs with these vibrant patterns.

Tracing its roots to the 19th century, the Oiseau Bleu Fruits dinnerware collection stands as a proud emblem of the esteemed Fayencerie de Gien's unwavering dedication to superior quality and craftsmanship. Melding vintage flair with nature-inspired elements, this collection ensures its timeless refinement remains undiminished, whether gracing traditional or modern tables, all with unparalleled distinction.


Oiseau Bleu Fruits

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