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Filet Noël

Gien Filet Noël dinnerware collection

Dive into the holiday spirit with the exquisite Filet Noël collection by Fayencerie de Gien, a magical dinnerware set that transforms your table into a snowy Christmas haven.

What makes this collection truly exceptional are the meticulously hand-painted red and green borders that outline each piece, perfectly complementing the elegant shapes of the dinnerware. The heart of the Filet Noël collection lies in the delicate snow-covered pine motif that adorns each item. These pine trees are intricately painted with the utmost precision, using the classic Christmas hues to stir feelings of nostalgia and warmth, reminiscent of treasured holiday traditions.

Each piece in the collection is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with the finest materials to ensure that the Filet Noël dinnerware becomes a perennial festive staple in your home. Perfect for both cozy family gatherings and grand holiday banquets, the Filet Noël dinnerware collection adds an element of timeless sophistication to the celebrations, immersing you in the joyful essence of Christmas.


Filet Noël

Product types
Gien, Filet Noël, Dessert plates, set of 4
Diameter: 23.2 cm
€ 140
Gien, Filet Noël, Canape plates, set of 4
Diameter: 16.5 cm
€ 110
Gien, Filet Noël, Cereal bowls, set of 4
Diameter: 17 cm
€ 154
Gien, Filet Noël, Mug
Capacity: 300 ml
€ 41
Gien, Filet Noël, Cake platter
Diameter: 31.7 cm
€ 94
Gien, Filet Noël, Oval platter large
Length: 41 cm
€ 145

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