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Palm Beach

Daum Palm Beach collection

Maison Daum, the distinguished crystal maker, unveils its mesmerizing Palm Beach Collection, inspired by the enchanting date palms of Florida. The collection transports us to the idyllic city of Palm Beach, a haven for artists, celebrities, and year-round sunshine.

Maison Daum's artisans, captivated by the breathtaking beauty of Palm Beach's landscape, have expertly created a range of vases and bowls adorned with hand-decorated gold or accented with bronze. Seamlessly integrating with the brand's plant-based collections, such as Tropical Voyage and Borneo Tropical, the Palm Beach Collection embodies elegance and sophistication, inviting you to explore the botanical wonders of Florida's premier design-focused city.

The Palm Beach Collection showcases a harmonious blend of contemporary elegance and tropical charm, with palm trees and lush foliage coexisting in a modern style. The sun-kissed palm leaves gracefully reflect the sea's shadows, creating an enchanting ambiance.

Together, Maison Daum and designer Emilio Robba draw inspiration from the symbolic palm trees, incorporating this influential design theme into the brand's universe. The collection's pieces feature hand-sculpted palm leaves, reminiscent of intricate lace embroidery on fabric. The prestige vase and leaf bowl are further enhanced with bronze dates and shimmering amber crystal in resplendent golden hues.


Palm Beach

Product types
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Daum, Palm Beach, Prestige vase, 99ex
Size: 85.5x50x85.5 cm
€ 56 700
Daum, Palm Beach, Medium golden vase, 225ex
Size: 28x18x28 cm
€ 5 800
Daum, Palm Beach, Small vase
Height: 16.5 cm
€ 2 300
Daum, Palm Beach, Large centerpiece, 375ex
Size: 14x45x14 cm
€ 7 900
Daum, Palm Beach, Large leaf bowl, 225ex
Size: 70x23.5x70 cm
€ 9 980

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