Cristallerie de Montbronn’s Séville glassware collection

Inspired by the timeless architecture of the Andalusian capital, Cristallerie de Montbronn’s Séville collection is a celebration of both contemporary aesthetics and classical elegance. This collection, named after the city of Seville, merges traditional charm with modern allure.

Séville glasses are designed on a Roemer shape - a traditional style reminiscent of our company's native region. The unique adamantine and beveled cut enriches these pieces, bestowing upon them a richness and sophistication admired for its perfect blend of traditional and contemporary design elements.

The Séville collection stands out for its exquisite workmanship, mirroring the ageless beauty of the city it's named after. Its multifaceted design is reminiscent of Seville's historical landmarks and vibrant culture. As with the city itself, this collection captivates with its ability to balance the old with the new, offering a timeless design that fits seamlessly into any setting. The Séville collection is a testament to unwavering commitment to quality, design and craftsmanship. It embodies the rich, elegant finish that has come to define Cristallerie de Montbronn’s brand.



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