Cristallerie de Montbronn Ozaka glassware collection

The Ozaka collection by Cristallerie de Montbronn is a tribute to the sophisticated Japanese city that shares its name. This collection finds its inspiration in the avant-garde architecture of the city, beautifully translated into a striking geometric design. Each piece in the Ozaka collection boasts meticulous craftsmanship, featuring precise bevels that intricately cut the crystal both horizontally and vertically. This results in a delicate grid pattern with exceptional light-reflecting qualities, giving your table setting a touch of modern elegance.

What makes the Ozaka glassware truly exceptional is its versatility. Whether you prefer a sleek and contemporary table setting or a more traditional one, this collection seamlessly adapts, effortlessly infusing a futuristic edge into every dining experience. With its unique blend of refinement and forward-thinking design, the Ozaka collection by Cristallerie de Montbronn is sure to enhance your dining occasions in ways you never thought possible.



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