Bernardaud Palmyre dinnerware collection

The Palmyre dinnerware collection by Bernardaud is perfect for people who love good food and want it to look stylish on the table. It's made from fine Limoges porcelain and Palmyre stands out with its nicely balanced shapes and a good feel. The collection's white dishes are accentuated with gold trim, imbuing them with an extraordinary charm and sophistication. 

Palmyre is a traditional china collection by Bernardaud and you can mix it with other sets from the French porcelain factory. This makes your festive table look unique and shows off your personal style.



Product types
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Presentation plate
Diameter: 29.5 cm
€ 91
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Dinner plate
Diameter: 26 cm
€ 50
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Salad plate
Diameter: 21 cm
€ 46
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Tea cup and saucer
Capacity: 150 ml
€ 97
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Creamer
Capacity: 300 ml
€ 155
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Coffee pot
Capacity: 1000 ml
€ 401
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Teapot
Capacity: 750 ml
€ 401
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Sugar bowl
Capacity: 200 ml
€ 261
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Deep plate with rim
Diameter: 22.5 cm
€ 50
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Coupe salad plate
Diameter: 21 cm
€ 43
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Salad bowl
Diameter: 25 cm
€ 259
Bernardaud, Palmyre, Deep round dish
Diameter: 29 cm
€ 155

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