Bernardaud Kintsugi dinnerware collection

Designed by Sarkis, a renowned French artist of Armenian heritage, the Kintsugi dinnerware collection for Bernardaud embodies the beauty of flaw and imperfection. Drawing inspiration from the 16th-century Japanese technique known as Kintsugi, Sarkis transforms ordinary dinnerware into a canvas that narrates the beauty of life's imperfections.

Kintsugi, or "golden repair," is a Japanese art form that embraces the flaws and imperfections of broken ceramics by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer mixed with powdered gold. This technique not only repairs the damage but enhances the aesthetic value of the object, making the scars a part of its history.

Sarkis recalls working with the precision of a calligrapher in the workshops in Limoges, applying this ancient art form to the porcelain pieces. His inspiration struck "like lightning," and he completed all the pieces in one sitting, imbuing them with the spirit of Kintsugi and its celebration of resilience and transformation.

The Kintsugi dinnerware by Bernardaud elevates everyday living with the elegance of simplicity and the richness of gold-infused repair marks. Made from the finest Limoges porcelain and adorned with gold, this collection is a celebration of the art of Kintsugi, inviting you to embrace the beauty of imperfection and the preciousness of resilience.



Product types
Bernardaud, Kintsugi, Dinner plate
Diameter: 27 cm
€ 106
Bernardaud, Kintsugi, Salad plate
Diameter: 21 cm
€ 96
Bernardaud, Kintsugi, Charbon salad plate
Diameter: 21 cm
€ 124
Bernardaud, Kintsugi, Large coupe
Diameter: 36 cm
€ 546
Bernardaud, Kintsugi, Coupe soup
Diameter: 19 cm
€ 106
Bernardaud, Kintsugi, Bowl
Diameter: 17 cm
€ 192
Bernardaud, Kintsugi, Teapot
Capacity: 1000 ml
€ 568
Bernardaud, Kintsugi, Teapot small
Capacity: 500 ml
€ 362
Bernardaud, Kintsugi, Creamer
Capacity: 250 ml
€ 268
Bernardaud, Kintsugi, Sugar bowl
Capacity: 150 ml
€ 434

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