Noël 6

Valombreuse Noël 6 table lien

The Noël 6 table linen from the French textile manufacturer Valombreuse is very special in their collection because of the vividly captivating embroidered floral patterns that make any table look elegant and festive. Each piece, firstly, is carefully hand-painted, then embroidered with a lot of attention to detail. The Valombreuse uses only top-end materials such as satin, cotton percale, voile or linen that bespoke how excellent the brand's craftsmanship is and makes their table linens truly stand out.


Noël 6

Product types
Valombreuse, Noël 6, Placemat
Length: 50 cm
€ 157
Valombreuse, Noël 6, Napkin
Length: 45 cm
€ 70

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