Sieger by Fürstenberg Prometheus

Taking inspiration from the heroic figure of Greek mythology, Sieger by Fürstenberg has masterfully crafted the Prometheus collection. This exclusive line encapsulates the spirit of Prometheus, the rebellious Titan who defied Zeus to gift humanity with fire, symbolizing a revolutionary approach to design and artistry.

Central to this collection is the Prometheus ice bucket, an iconic piece that embodies a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its sculpted, masculine face stands out against the powdery soft, matte satin finish of the cooler. This robust and protective image of Prometheus watches steadfastly over its contents, guarding everything from simple ice cubes to vintage wine bottles with an equal measure of grandeur. Available in gleaming white or with a gilded interior, this cooler, handcrafted to perfection, adds a touch of classic elegance to any occasion.

Complementing the ice bucket is the equally captivating Prometheus gin and cocktail tumbler. The bold and striking face of Prometheus is once again etched in relief on these tumblers, serving as a visual treat while highlighting the unyielding spirit of the Titan. The tumblers are an essential addition to the modern bar, capable of elevating the drinking experience, whether filled with gin, a cocktail or even non-alcoholic beverages.

With the Prometheus collection, Sieger by Fürstenberg pays homage to Greek mythology while showcasing its ability to translate such profound themes into unique, aesthetically pleasing and functional pieces. Just as Prometheus sought to uplift humanity, this collection aims to elevate everyday objects into pieces of art, enriching the lives of those who experience them.




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