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Sanssouci Weiss

Rosenthal Sanssouci Weiss china collection

Infused with the elegance of intricate lattice work interlaced with delicate leaf and blossom tendrils, the Sanssouci Weiss porcelain dinnerware exudes an air of supreme refinement. This dinnerware collection, first unveiled in the 1920s, draws inspiration from the lavish stuccoed ceilings of the famed Sanssouci Palace.

The design was influenced by the extravagant tableware commissioned by Friedrich the Great for his summer residence in Potsdam. Owing to its extraordinary popularity, numerous porcelain manufacturers sought to reproduce the design. However, only Rosenthal succeeded in obtaining a license to create this royal porcelain with a commitment to authenticity and precision.

With its regal charm and delicate detailing, the Sanssouci Weiss collection offers a dining experience steeped in historical richness and contemporary sophistication, a true tribute to the original masterpiece.


Sanssouci Weiss

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