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Heritage Turandot

Rosenthal Heritage Turandot china collection

Drawing inspiration from Giacomo Puccini's celebrated opera, the Turandot décor in the Heritage dinnerware collection is a tribute to the chinoiseries of the 18th century. These intricate designs were a notable feature in Rosenthal's creations as early as the late 19th century. The décor presents an exuberant ballet of peony blossoms, bamboo, and ginkgo leaves in subtle hues, intertwined with golden dragonflies. 

The enchanting porcelain artistry finds its roots in the scenic beauty of the West Lake in Hangzhou, China, a symbiotic representation of Western and Eastern elements. This design truly embodies a harmonious blend of different cultures and artistic sensibilities, showcasing an elegant fusion that honors both the past and present, while offering a unique aesthetic that resonates with modern table settings.


Heritage Turandot

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