L'Objet Malachite dinnerware collection

The Malachite porcelain dinnerware collection by L'Objet introduces a unique energy to every space it adorns. Inspired by the captivating green color and distinct pattern of malachite stone, the essence of this natural marvel is splendidly captured on the finest porcelain. The stunning interplay of light and dark green hues, complemented by golden accents, sets this collection apart.

The brand's commitment to original designs, vibrant colors, and intricate details is evident in all its offerings. Founded by Elad Yifrach in Beverly Hills in 2004, L'Objet is renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship. Each porcelain dinnerware collection from L'Objet is expertly crafted, a testament to the brand's uncompromising pursuit of quality and attention to detail.



Product types
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L'Objet, Malachite, Presentation plate
Diameter: 31 cm
€ 200
L'Objet, Malachite, Small dish
Diameter: 13 cm
€ 43
L'Objet, Malachite, Teapot
Capacity: 1200 ml
€ 420
L'Objet, Malachite, Tea cup
Capacity: 230 ml
€ 100
L'Objet, Malachite, Tea saucer
Diameter: 17 cm
€ 48
L'Objet, Malachite, Round platter
Diameter: 46 cm
€ 515
L'Objet, Malachite, Round box
Diameter: 14 cm
€ 195
L'Objet, Malachite, Pencil сup
Diameter: 8 cm
€ 125
L'Objet, Malachite, Candle
Height: 11 cm
€ 185

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