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Haas Objects

L'Object Haas Objects collection

The Haas Objects collection is a result of the collaborative genius between L'Objet and the inventive Haas Brothers, twin artists Simon and Nikolai Haas. This unique collection brings to life an array of imaginative decorative objects and tableware that blur the line between art and design. Rooted in the spirit of joyous get-togethers with family and friends, the collection is a delightful medley of playful aesthetics and sophisticated craftsmanship. 

Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic landscapes of Joshua Tree, the Haas Brothers have created whimsical monster characters, transforming everyday objects into cherished artifacts. The collection spans across tableware, home décor, textiles, and fragrance, offering a touch of the extraordinary to the mundane. 

Showpieces like the Huggers boxes, Lazy Susan bowls, Fantomes salt and pepper mills, Niki & Simon salt & pepper shakers, and the Djuna teapots demonstrate the collection's exquisite detailing. The meticulous application of 24-carat gold, new crafting techniques, and the introduction of novel shapes and materials all contribute to making these pieces special. 

Each object in the Haas Collection from L'Objet is designed to add a touch of whimsy to the everyday, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Packaged in luxurious gift boxes, they also make for the perfect present for design enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Haas Objects


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