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Haas Mojave Matcha Gold

L'Objet Mojave Matcha Gold dinnerware collection

A captivating blend of humor and sentiment marks the collaborative collection of artists Simon and Nikolai Haas, known as the Haas Brothers, with L'Objet. Transmuting the mundane into extraordinary, they focus on celebrating togetherness and familial bonds.

The result is the Mojave Matcha Gold dinnerware collection - a remarkable porcelain set inspired by the organic patterns of the Mojave Desert's pebbles and the boundless desert sky. The utmost priority was given to high-quality production, form, and function.

Mojave Matcha Gold introduces a refreshing shade of green to your dining experience. Selected for its association with healing and renewal, this calming, earthy hue injects a sense of serenity. A variant of the collection is also available in a stunning white, accentuated with gold details, offering a luxurious alternative.


Haas Mojave Matcha Gold

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