L'Objet Fortuny dinnerware collection

Celebrating the remarkable design legacy of the legendary fashion and textile designer Mariano Fortuny, L'Objet has created the Fortuny dinnerware collection. This collaboration is brought to life with a fusion of earthenware and metals, all luxuriously adorned with hand-gilded gold accents.

Part of this vibrant range is the L'Objet pour Fortuny dessert server. This stunning three-tiered masterpiece showcases prismatic earthenware dishes, each meticulously hand-gilded with gold accents, all standing proudly on a gold plated base.

Adding to the collection's opulence is a set of four handcrafted cereal bowls. Made from the finest earthenware, these bowls serve as a testament to Fortuny's enduring design allure.

Drawing inspiration from the effervescent creativity of Venetian artisans, L'Objet presents a set of four resplendent dessert plates. Each plate reveals a unique prismatic design etched on earthenware and highlighted with hand-gilded gold accents, truly capturing the delightful visual splendor of Venice.

Lastly, inspired by Venice, L'Objet introduces a vibrant set of four canape plates. Each handcrafted from fine earthenware, these plates exemplify Venetian creativity, bringing a touch of its lively charm to your dining experiences.



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