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Araba Raffia

Labrazel Araba Raffia Collection

Indulge in a rustic aesthetic with Labrazel's Araba Raffia Collection, a unique assembly of bath accessories inspired by the natural beauty of raffia. Hailing from the palm trees of the Philippines, raffia is an eco-friendly material whose acquisition aids in sustaining the environment and supports local farming communities. This handwoven collection pays homage to the enduring tradition of weaving in the Philippines, which has been flourishing for over a century.

The raffia fibers, untouched by artificial dyes or treatments, exhibit their natural color and texture. The variability in these features, inherent to the plant source, means each piece in the collection carries its own individual charm and uniqueness. Such natural variations speak to the authenticity of the materials and the time-honored crafting techniques employed in their creation.

Labrazel's Araba Raffia Collection, made in the Philippines, represents a perfect blend of traditional artisanship, sustainable materials, and elegant design. These handcrafted pieces not only add function to your bath but also introduce a touch of rustic sophistication, transforming your bathroom into a sanctuary that celebrates the inherent beauty of nature.


Araba Raffia

Product types
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Labrazel, Araba raffia, Waste basket
Height: 25.4 cm
€ 255
Labrazel, Araba raffia, Tray
Length: 27.94 cm
€ 130
Labrazel, Araba raffia, Tissue cover
Height: 12.7 cm
€ 220
Labrazel, Araba raffia, Canister
Height: 12.07 cm
€ 110

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