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Araba Granite

Labrazel Araba Granit collection

The Araba Granit collection by Labrazel is a bespoke bath accessory set that exudes an understated elegance through its unique combination of natural fiber and rich charcoal tint. Handcrafted in the Philippines, each piece within this collection is meticulously clad in sustainably sourced natural fibers, contributing to its distinctive look and subtle natural texture. 

The captivating gray tone, resembling the raw and timeless allure of granite, imparts a sense of serene sophistication to the bathroom space. This rich, charcoal-tinted bath accessory set features a variety of pieces including soap dispenser, canister, and tissue box cover, each carrying the essence of the collection's tailored aesthetic. 

Made with precision and care, the Araba Granit collection reflects a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. The natural fibers, sourced responsibly from local resources, add a layer of eco-conscious luxury, while the charcoal hue brings a contemporary yet timeless feel. The subtle variations in color, pattern, and texture within this collection make each piece unique, reflecting its artisanal origins and the natural materials used. With its subtle, organic texture and deep, luxurious tone, the Araba Granit collection adds a touch of natural refinement to any bathroom decor.


Araba Granite

Product types
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Labrazel, Araba Granite, Waste basket
Height: 30.48 cm
€ 240
Labrazel, Araba Granite, Tray
Length: 27.94 cm
€ 125
Labrazel, Araba Granite, Tissue cover
Height: 13.97 cm
€ 210
Labrazel, Araba Granite, Canister
Height: 8.89 cm
€ 105

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