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Hémisphère Royal Blue

J.L Coquet Hémisphère Royal Blue dinnerware collection

The classic Hémisphère dinnerware collection by J.L Coquet shines in a captivating royal blue shade. Its gentle lines, precise proportions, and the classic allure of blue transform the Hémisphère plates into the centerpiece of any fashionable table. The Hemisphère Royal Blue design embodies purity, refined taste, and elegance.

A standout attribute of the Hémisphère china is the extra-wide, delicately designed edges, featuring a fine ribbed and velvet-like surface structure. Crafting a single piece from J.L Coquet's Hémisphère china collection necessitates a minimum of 15 distinct steps, showcasing the brand's commitment to quality and detail.

The Hémisphère Royal Blue series offers an array of options: plates with a blue or blue-striped rim and white center, or with a white rim and a royal blue center. By mixing and matching these variations, one can effortlessly create a vibrant, casual atmosphere.


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