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Hémisphère Kaki Green

J.L Coquet Hémisphère Kaki Green china collection

The Hémisphère Kaki Green dinnerware by J.L Coquet is the ideal choice if you aim to infuse your festively decorated table with a serene, earthy vibe. The elegant Limoges porcelain exhibits a vibrant kaki green border that, while captivating on its own, also pairs seamlessly with the Hémisphère White.

Each piece of the handcrafted tableware stands as a testament to a kind of French craftsmanship that is seldom found in today's world. No less than 15 different steps are required to fabricate a single piece from J.L Coquet's Hémisphère Kaki Green series.

In the concluding stage of production, all plates receive a satin finish on the extra-wide, delicately structured edges. This finish is brushed on carefully, and the plates are subsequently fired once more at high temperatures. This gives rise to a velvety surface texture that is not merely a visual delight, but also a tactile experience.

Hémisphère is an enduring classic by the French porcelain manufacturer J.L Coquet. Over the course of 20 years, the porcelain series has been inspiring with its contemporarily elegant designs. Hémisphère fuses the delicacy of Limoges porcelain with everyday suitability and durability - attributes that have secured the popularity of the Hémisphère porcelain line among the finest gastronomes and luxury hotels worldwide.


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