Hering Berlin Piqueur dinnerware collection

The Piqueur dinner set from Hering Berlin combines elements of hunting and nature with a delicate and whimsical touch. The intricate yet lively nature motifs add a unique touch of playfulness to the collection. The dinner service features engraved and glazed bisque porcelain. The plates, for example, have a matte, velvety rim while the center boasts a shining glaze, creating a stunning interplay of textures.

Designer Stefanie Hering was inspired to create the Piqueur collection by gourmet chef Harald Rüssel, who is an avid hunter. By avoiding overly kitschy or militaristic themes, the artist has created a modern and sophisticated porcelain line. The restrained graphic style is maintained even when striking motifs such as a pair of antlers covers the entire surface of a plate, emphasizing the collection's positive and contemporary feel.

The Piqueur dinnerware offers an innovative and inspiring option for those interested in hunting, as well as anyone who appreciates the taste of venison. It's not only for hunters but also for anyone who likes nature and outdoor living.



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