Hering Berlin Emerald dinnerware collection

The Emerald collection by Stefanie Hering from Hering Berlin is a distinctive and innovative range of porcelain dinnerware. The plates in this collection feature rims of smoothed, silky matt, unglazed bisque porcelain, which contrast strikingly with the iridescent green color glaze on the inside. This glaze varies from a juicy leaf green to an intense emerald, creating a dynamic and eye-catching effect.

A notable aspect of this collection is the colored glazes, which are a unique development by Hering Berlin. These glazes, painstakingly experimented upon and developed by Stefanie Hering in collaboration with specialized craftsmen, are applied by hand. As a result, each plate has a slightly different appearance, with the glaze running uniquely and settling in various opaque and transparent layers on the porcelain surface.

The Emerald china collection is handcrafted in the Hering Berlin manufacture in Germany, ensuring that each item is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Despite their artisanal quality, these pieces are designed for practical use: they are easy to clean and versatile enough to be combined for numerous table settings. This blend of artistic innovation and practicality sets the Emerald collection apart in the world of porcelain dinnerware.



Product types
Hering Berlin, Emerald, Pasta plate large
Diameter: 30 cm
€ 232
Hering Berlin, Emerald, Coupe plate large
Diameter: 31 cm
€ 248
Hering Berlin, Emerald, Coupe plate small
Diameter: 20.5 cm
€ 140
Hering Berlin, Emerald, Deep plate
Diameter: 25 cm
€ 169
Hering Berlin, Emerald, Tea bowl
Capacity: 200 ml
€ 93
Hering Berlin, Emerald, Espresso bowl
Capacity: 70 ml
€ 78
Hering Berlin, Emerald, Beaker
Capacity: 220 ml
€ 96
Hering Berlin, Emerald, Flat round platter
Diameter: 32.5 cm
€ 230
Hering Berlin, Emerald, Oval platter
Length: 33.5 cm
€ 277

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