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Gourmet trays

Giobagnara Gourmet serving trays

The Gourmet serving trays from Giobagnara, designed to showcase your finger foods in the most exquisite manner, are the epitome of Italian craftsmanship, finesse and functionality. Each tray is painstakingly handcrafted from the finest Italian calfskin leather, promising both a luxurious look and durability.

A unique feature of the Gourmet trays is a custom-fit, removable glass plate crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass. Recognized for its lightweight, hygienic, and temperature-resistant properties, this glass tray enhances the functionality of the Giobagnara Gourmet line. For your convenience, the prepared glass plates can be interchanged quickly and efficiently during serving. Every Gourmet serving tray comes equipped with one such glass plate, with additional ones available for purchase individually.

Giobagnara, a renowned lifestyle manufacturer, is rooted in Genoa's vibrant port city in Italy. They are committed to designing useful home accessories and decorative objects with a luxurious twist, using premium leather sourced from Italy's finest tanneries. With an unswerving dedication to the highest quality standards and endless customisation options, Giobagnara conducts every production step in-house.

Explore the world of Giobagnara and discover a unique intersection of Italian craftsmanship and contemporary design, breathing an air of understated elegance into any interior setting.


Gourmet trays

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