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Firenze boxes

Giobagnara Firenze boxes

Giobagnara, an esteemed Italian manufacturer, is renowned for crafting exclusive leather home accessories and petite pieces of furniture. Their hallmark is a harmonious blend of sophistication and practicality, married to the use of the finest materials and crafted meticulously by hand. They further enhance their appeal with an offering of extensive customization options for colors and finishes.

The Firenze boxes are a testament to Giobagnara's commitment to style and quality. Each box is carefully crafted from wood and enveloped in durable, top-quality leather that is both scratch and water-resistant. They are available with a metal base frame and handle, both of which can be selected with brass, bronze and chrome finishes. The Firenze box's underside features a non-slip waterproof rubber base, protecting the surface it sits upon.

Serving a dual purpose, the Firenze boxes by Giobagnara are not only practical storage solutions for your precious items, but also key contributors to your space's aesthetic appeal. Their refined and minimalist design reflects a thoughtful consideration for detail and Giobagnara's unwavering commitment to quality, style, and craftsmanship providing any decor with a dash of Italian finesse.


Firenze boxes

Product types
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Giobagnara, Firenze boxes, Square box
Size: 11x8.5x11 cm
€ 334
Giobagnara, Firenze boxes, Square box
Size: 11x11.5x11 cm
€ 411
Giobagnara, Firenze boxes, Square box
Size: 11x15x11 cm
€ 442
Giobagnara, Firenze boxes, Square box
Size: 11x18.5x11 cm
€ 476
Giobagnara, Firenze boxes, Rectangular long box
Size: 11x12.5x11 cm
€ 464

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