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Talisman Black cutlery, silver plated

Christofle Talisman Black cutlery

The beauty of the Talisman Black cutlery by Christofle comes from Cloisonne art. It's an old way of making things where silver and lacquer are put together, making the tableware look very nice. First, it starts with putting decorative silver lines on the cutlery metal without anything on it. Next, the Chinese lacquer gets put into the spaces between these lines. When they heat it, the lacquer goes down, and this means they need to fill the spaces again many times. They might do this up to sixteen times.

This complex way of making the Talisman cutlery by Christofle not just looks good but also makes it very strong, so it's great for using every day. The shiny, Art Deco look with ribbed design makes the colors look less shiny and more elegant.

We have Talisman cutlery that's silver-plated with black lacquer. Christofle also lets you make it more personal with different colors, initials, family symbols, or logos.


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