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Osiris cutlery, stainless steel

Christofle Osiris stainless steel cutlery collection

Embark on a journey through time and elegance with Osiris stainless steel cutlery collection from Christofle where meticulous design meets unparalleled craftsmanship. Born from Bernard Yot's vision in 1991, each piece serves as a canvas depicting Egypt's vibrant aquatic and botanical tapestry.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Egypt, the name Osiris stands as a tribute to the God of regeneration and the life-giving Nile. Revealing the verdant surroundings of the Nile delta, the cutlery's design captures the essence of papyrus plants. Their elongated stalks, culminating in a signature umbrella-like flare, find reflection in the intricately designed handles.

A defining feature of the Osiris stainless steel cutlery collection is its impeccable vertical lines. Commanding yet dynamic, these lines erupt with life on the handles, reminiscent of the burst of life along the Nile's expanse. The subtle ornaments, seen at the tips of the sleeves, captures a tranquility that contrasts and complements the fluid Mediterranean curves, making each piece a visual and tactile delight.

Quality, as with all Christofle creations, remains paramount. The Osiris cutlery collection is sculpted from superior stainless steel, promising not just beauty but longevity. In its production, the renowned silversmith employs a resilient blend of chromium-nickel-steel in a distinguished 18/10 alloy. Allow to grace your dining table with the iconic Osiris cutlery collection, a true jewel in the crown of French silversmithing tradition.


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